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Subject orientation for prospective students of sciences, engineering, and economics

Smart Study Start offers subject-specific orientation for prospective students of sciences, engineering, and economics. Within the framework of a two-semester orientation study program, it is possible to gain initial insights into the various study programs at RWTH Aachen University and expand and deepen basic interdisciplinary knowledge. This gives you a realistic insight into the study program as well as more time to make a decision regarding your studies.

Attention: To participate in the program, you must be enrolled in a degree program at RWTH.


The following courses are part of the program:

  • Computer Science
  • Chemistry - Presumed extension of study time by 1 year.
  • Biology - Presumed extension of study time by 1 year.
  • Civil Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering and Mobility
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering specializing in Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computational Engineering Science
  • Industrial Engineering specializating in Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Sustainable Raw Material and Energy Supply
  • Materials Science
  • Materials Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering specializing in Materials and Process engineering
  • Business Administration – For this, you have to be enrolled in Business Administration.

How is the program structured?

During the two semesters, the participants take compulsory and elective subjects.

The compulsory subjects are:

  • Basic Mathematics
  • Data Literacy
  • Framework Program for Study Orientation

In addition, there are subject-specific electives for the various courses of study. Further information on the courses offered can be found under the tab "Structure".

The framework program for study orientation continues throughout the year. Among other things, it consists of student mentoring, in which participants have weekly meetings with older students who provide advice and support.

At the end of the program, participants must decide which program they would like to study and apply to, if the program has a numerus clausus (NC), or enroll in, if the program is NC-free. The application or enrollment deadlines of the RWTH must be followed.

More information can be found at Application Bachelor.

Further information on the program procedure can be found here: Structure of the program



What is the process for changing to the desired field of study?

If participants have achieved at least 30 credit points for their desired degree program, they can apply for the second semester of the desired degree program. If the 30 CP have not yet been achieved, students must apply for the first semester as normal for the winter semester 2022/23. It should be noted that not all subjects are counted for all degree programs. Further information on this will be available at the start of the project.

What should I bear in mind for a degree program with numerus clausus or NC?

Computer science: The first semester has a NC. All further semesters are NC free. Thus, students can enroll in the second semester if the 30 credit points have been achieved.

Participants are enrolled students during the program. This means that the two semesters cannot be counted as a waiting period.

Can I receive BAföG during the program?

As enrolled students, participants are eligible for BAföG. If students change majors after completing the program, they may continue to be eligible for BAföG. The first time a student changes majors before the start of the third semester, it is generally presumed that there is good cause. For more information, interested parties can visit BAföG - Ausbildungsabbruch und Fachrichtungswechsel.



Deadline: September 15, 2023

Attention: You can only participate in the project if you have completely gone through the application process, including sending in all documents, enrollment in a study program, and confirmation of participation. Only then can participation be guaranteed. Admission requirement is a university entrance qualification.

  • To enroll, please send an email to with the following information:
  • First and last name
  • E-mail address
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Orientation request (if available)
  • Matriculation number/application number
    (As well as the indication of the field of study)

Starting in September, we will send an email with further information on registration to all interested parties. Here the participation must also be confirmed!

The registration deadline as well as the confirmation deadline must be followed!

Attention: Our mail may end up in your spam folder.