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The CLS offers support for electronic exams in-person and as online remote exams.
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Conducting exams in the summer semester 2022

The examination system Dynexite will continue to be available to RWTH instructors for conducting online remote examinations and electronic in-person examinations.

In addition to the online remote examinations, electronic in-person examinations will again be possible in the ZuseLab and the three newly opened examination rooms in the HKW-5, the Couven-Halle, and the Sparkassenforum in the summer semester of 2022.

In summer semester 2022, all online remote exams can also be done in do-it-yourself mode. This means that the exams will not be supervised by MfL but by the chair on their own responsibility.
Instructions and an explanatory video for this can be found here.

Instructions on how to apply for a remote exam can be found in the RWTHonline-Dokuportal.

For electronic in-person exams, please contact the e-Examinations Team. We can now offer you this form of examination during the lecture period.

  Distance exams graphic Copyright: © Regina Lenoch

This graphic depicts the application process for online remote exams for the 2022 summer semester.

Please click on the graphic to enlarge it.

  Examination implementation Copyright: © Regina Lenoch

To assist you in implementing online remote exams, we have created a decision tree. This is intended to help you decide which type of online remote learning exam is right for you.

Please click on the graphic to enlarge it.


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