Hand holding a smartphone, bright dots, hand holding paper with a statistic Copyright: © Laura Platte  

As a key element of the project, we develop a series of video-based online courses that teach data literacy in an interdisciplinary and accessible manner. Students do not require prior knowledge of the subject. The courses will continuously be integrated into subject curricula of RWTH. In addition, mirco credentials will be developed to certify additional competencies acquired by students.

Data Literacy Basic Courses

The basic courses data.ONE and data.TWO are online self-study courses that introduce students to the topics of data and data literacy.

Basic Courses


As part of the ENHANCE Alliance's data literacy certificate, students from various European partner universities can participate in an English data literacy course.


data.PREP Courses

The data.PREP courses are online software introductions. In these courses, students acquire basic knowledge in the use of selected data processing tools such as Python, R, or Excel.

data.PREP Courses