Structure and Certification


The Core Program

The so-called core program of the data.RWTH project has a modular structure. It is divided into a basic and a specialization area. After completing the program-specific modules and a final examination, students will be awarded a micro Bachelor Data Literacy.

The overall program as well as the micro Bachelor certificate are currently being (further) developed. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Basic Area

In basic modules that are free of prior knowledge, data literacy is taught across disciplines as a set of competencies along the steps of data-based cognition and decision-making processes. Students acquire basic knowledge and skills here, including determining, selecting, analyzing, interpreting, visualizing, making decisions about, and reusing data based on small and large data collections.

The basic courses are offered in both two- and three-semester form, both with the same content. In order to obtain the micro Bachelor certificate, either the two modules of the two-semester version (Basic Courses I + II) or the three modules of the three-semester version (Compact Courses I + II + III) must be completed.

  Overview of the course variants Copyright: © Sophie Schenkat

Specialization Area

The specialization area of the data.RWTH program is composed of various modules offered at RWTH and aims to deepen data-related competencies in a subject-specific manner. Please contact us for further information.