RWTHmoodle FAQ


RWTHmoodle is the central web-based teaching and learning platform of RWTH Aachen University. Moodle offers online course pages where lecturers provide materials and many different activities for communication, collaboration, and self-learning. Students can use Moodle courses independent of time and place and according to their own learning needs. Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about RWTHmoodle.


RWTHmoodle FAQ

How do I get an online course page for my course?

How can I communicate with my students and provide them with up-to-date information (even in groups)?

How can I reuse content from old RWTHmoodle course page – import?

How do I make scripts and other text-based materials available to my students via the learning space?

How do I provide research literature to my students in a copyright compliant manner?

How can I invite my students to an online session in Zoom?

How can I make videos from my course accessible via the course page?

How can I allow my students to ask questions about the materials?

How can I provide my students with online practice exercises or learning assessments?

Manual correction necessary

Automatic correction, even for mathematical tasks

Programming tasks: VPL
This is a pilot that can be tested on request. Please contact the for more information.

Peer review
Correction of assignment submissions in the peer review process.

What do I need to consider when providing materials in terms of copyright?

How can I divide my students into groups?

How can I have my students discuss with each other online, even in groups?



No group mode

How can I manage grades and assessments in the course page?

How can I add RWTH-external persons to my course page?

How can I conduct polls and surveys in the course page?

How can I preview the course page from the student's perspective?

How can I control the visibility/availability of files and activities, for example time-controlled, group-based, etc.?

How can I do an electronic exam review via RWTHmoodle?